Australia Day Honour for CRE Chief Investigator

on January 25, 2016

Professor Macrae is one of Australia’s leading bowel cancer research experts. His career in translational and clinical research has focused on diseases of the large bowel especially with regard to screening and familial risk of colorectal cancer.

He is Chair of the Hereditary Bowel Cancer Group of The Cancer Council of Victoria, currently Secretary to the International Society of Gastrointestinal Hereditary Tumours (InSiGHT), based in Leiden and London, a member of Steering Committee of the US National Institutes of Health Colon Cancer Family Register, and International vice chairman of the CAPP organization for randomized controlled trials of prevention in HNPCC gene carriers.

In addition to his work reducing the burden of bowel cancer in Australia Professor Macrae has also worked internationally to help bowel cancer patients in Fiji and the South Pacific Islands.
His Order of Australia medal is a capstone to an outstanding career that includes other accolades such as the 2013 Masters Award from the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO).

The WGO is an organisation which represents 108 national societies worldwide. With over 40 years of service to our community Professor Macrae is a well deserving recipient.