New members join the CRE team

on May 15, 2017


Sibel has joined the team as PhD candidate. She has a background as a genetic counsellor and her previous research has focused on prostate cancer screening in men at a high risk. Sibel comes to us from the Institute of Cancer Research at the University of London.  Given her interest in cancer and genetics, her PhD will expand on the work of the CRE to incorporate genetic profiling to target colorectal cancer screening.

Shakira and Jasmeen are working as Research Support Officers in Prof Emery’s team to assist with the CRE’s Phase II trial of the CRISP tool which is aiming to implement a risk-stratified colorectal cancer screening tool into primary care. The trial began recruitment in April 2017.

Shakira has experience in cancer epidemiology research and has worked on a breast cancer randomised controlled trial at the Cancer Council Victoria, where she comes to us from. She also studied her Master of Science Epidemiology at the University of Melbourne.

Jasmeen has a strong foundation in Public Health including more than 4 years’ experience in the conduct of clinical research studies. Outside of work she enjoys listening to music and enjoys being in natural surrounds.